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So summing up - SitCity was an amazing weekend. I don’t even know what to start with.
Well, maybe I’ll start from the beggining. So when I got to Alexandra Palace, I saw massive queue around the building. Fortunately it was a sunny day (I can’t imagine waiting an hour in a huge wall of rain, what happened next morning) and I have meet a lovely group of Portuguese peeps in bus, who made waiting a lot more enjoyable.
So when we finally got inside the building, I rushed to get to the queue for the queue for meets and greets with PJ, as he was the person I was most looking forward to meet there. Unfortunately all places were already taken, and although the system made by organisators this year was good, I think they should have earlier said WHEN the tickets for the queues are going to be released. But nevertheless it’s step to the right direction, as we could do other things instead of waiting for nothing.
So when we realized there are no chances for meets and greets we went to panels, and they were absolutely amazing. I attended Comedy panel, LGBTQ+ panel with absolutely gorgeus Tyler Oakley, who randomly passed me like a metre away when walking into the room and he answered really warmly to our shocked “Hi Tyler how are you” and Women on Youtube.
Then I luckily managed to get into Filmmaking with PJ. I really enjoyed it, it was great way to get to know little things such as how “Colour Bandit” was created and that scene with old PJ pushed from the stairs was filmed at 2 am or where did KickThePJ came from.
Next day I went to Mental Health Panel and Fashion&Beauty and they were interesting as well. Between panels I bumped onto some youtubers and they were so nice and charming and every time I apologized for taking their time (that’s just how I roll) they were like “oh no, you’re not bothering us at all, it’s so lovely to meet you” and so on. I got to chat with David, Lex, Hazel Hayes, Ben Cook (but it was really short, two sentences long conversation as he was rushing somewhere), Tomska, Tim H and guys from Project:Library, Jamie and Sophie aand I think that’s it. But I got to see bunch of other youtubers on main stage or somewhere else - Patty Walters and his band (holy shit they were amazing. and Luke with The Song About a Girl - absolutely fucking hilarious), Emma Blackery, Luke, Jason, Jack and Dean, Louise, Jim Chapman, Tanya, Zoella and probably some others I can’t remember now.
Sunday was a bit more emotional, because I attended As It Is concert (they rocked SO HARD) and also Emma’s concert. Emma seemed to be more serious than in her videos, but maybe it was because of what she was going to do after it. Anyway she sang “Go the distance”, “Liar” and “The Promise” and I admit I got a bit emotional, because I realized that my life is so wonderful and that I am very lucky and grateful to have this kind of opportunities. And then it was time for shaving Emma’s hair. After fooling around a bit, she got serious and while her dad was doing his job, she was talking about how grateful she was for all donations and she got emotional as well and then the crowd started singing “The Promise” and she started crying and I started crying a little and it was really intense experience.
Emma is such a strong, brave woman and she doesn’t deserve any of crap that happened to her and I just hope it will get better very soon.
Then, after Jack and Dean (who were pretty damn hilarious), Summer In the City 2014 ended. I am still overwhelmed by everything that happened but I think I can say that this weekend will remain one of my favourites memories of all times. 
I hope I will get to attend next year’s SitCity, because I absolutely adored atmosphere there and the whole experience.
So big thank you to people who worked their butts off to make it happen and enjoyable to everyone.
 PS Also, one thing that suprised me the most (in a positive way) - fans.
Even though on panels and some meets and greets done spontanously there were no barriers whatsoever between youtubers and fans - I haven’t seen even once anybody jumping on them or anything like that. I haven’t also seen any queue jumping - which was pretty amazing and respectful and I just loved this very very much. There was no pushing, no rushing, everybody could spend as many time talking to youtubers as they wanted without people shouting at them “come one, you are not the only one waiting here!” and it was really great in my opinion.
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holy frick i just bought pants

Over The Love (by Margarette Shiz)
Come What May
today not only i got ticket for Summer in the City, but also passed my FCE exam at B, this is literally good news day ♥♥
also after another 4 days in bed i got to meet my doctor and she gave me new pills and i’m finally starting proper treatment, so everything is going amazing in my life right now and yay ♥
Friendship is Magic (by Margarette Shiz)
welcome to the dollhouse ♥ turned 3 today!
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i am accidentally ready for halloween
Une Belle Histoire (by Margarette Shiz)

which wig should i get, mint or the pink one?

i think i’m gonna end up buying all wigs from this collection