welcome to the dollhouse ♥

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first time in full kuro lolita (◡‿◡✿)

holy frick i just bought pants

Over The Love (by Margarette Shiz)
Come What May
today not only i got ticket for Summer in the City, but also passed my FCE exam at B, this is literally good news day ♥♥
also after another 4 days in bed i got to meet my doctor and she gave me new pills and i’m finally starting proper treatment, so everything is going amazing in my life right now and yay ♥
Friendship is Magic (by Margarette Shiz)
welcome to the dollhouse ♥ turned 3 today!
treasure from Łódź ♥
i am accidentally ready for halloween
Une Belle Histoire (by Margarette Shiz)

which wig should i get, mint or the pink one?

i think i’m gonna end up buying all wigs from this collection

i’m gonna see new Team Starkid show tomorrow ahh can’t wait! <3

sorry for not posting anything lately, having a little closet crisis, but I&#8217;ll be back soon ♥
Charlie’s last letter (by Margarette Shiz)